OK Heres what does it for me.

Compact but with actual knobs.
Metal rugged case
Very little distance for fingers to travel to do a lot.
Love my arcade buttons.

It used to be so new school, but now people with current controllers call it old school. I just think its a good school.

I bought a VCI-400 tried the VCI-300 and a bunch of pioneer DJ stuff. Know there are machines that do so much more, but I really like what the VCI-100 does well and "How it plays" .

I combo it with a Modded pair of Technics DZ-1200 MKII with vinyl top mod. and a 1200 MKKII for real vinyl.

What am I missing out on? Where did people migrate too that really loved the VCI-100? I like that it fits in a Briefcase that locks with my laptop and NI Traktor Scratch Audio 10.


I wish I could find that old you tube video of the guy who did the light up arcade buttons that changed colors according to being on or off, because some day Ill want to redo my Arcade buttons that way. Anyone have that link??? I search dn search and can not find it, but I am POSITIVE SOMEONE HERE MUST HAVE IT IN THEIR BOOKMARKS.