Hello DJs!

I'm the lead developer (and an active DJ) of a community-driven, free live streaming site called Slipmat.io. I started streaming weekly live shows back in 2013 and when a site called Mixify died in 2016, decided with a few friends to start building our own community-backed site as a better place to live stream, built by DJs for DJs. Fast forward 3 years of active development by few volunteers, the site is now starting to get mature enough to be a serious alternative for sites like Chew.

Slipmat is fully community-driven, no one is getting paid to work on it and no company is in charge. We, the DJs and the community, decide where its heading. We want to provide open and ethical platform for DJs as an alternative to huge generic sites like Facebook and YouTube. We're is still in private beta (everyone can sign in to listen, DJs need to get an invite) but I'd love to get some feedback from DJs who live stream actively or would want to but haven't found a good place for it.

We have some pretty cool features, for example:

  • Several methods for streaming (YouTube, Chew, native RTMP engine, any third-party RTMP) with native engines optimized 100% for sound (ie. sound doesn't degrade with low video settings)
  • Listener-friendly live event page (+ fully mobile optimized version) with superb chat, tipping, integrated feedback functionality and automatic gamification of tips, FB-likes, Instagram and Twitter-followers etc
  • Professional request system that integrates with DJ software (Traktor, Rekordbox, Engine Prime, Serato currently supported) and allows easy searching, voting, etc.
  • Lots of very detailed statistics and automatic monitoring of DJs social media profiles to get deep insights on how your events and promotions affect your fanbase growth
  • Powerful tools for promotion and after-marketing, again for growing and keeping in touch with your fanbase

While there are some alternatives for DJs to live stream, if you are serious about streaming and want to grow your fanbase, Slipmat provides already quite unique features that simply aren't available anywhere else.

Our focus is to serve especially serious hobbyists and professionals who want to offer great experiences to their listeners, keep actively growing their fanbase and lead the way in DJ making DJ live streaming more popular and approachable.

If you are (or want to be) one of these DJs, I'd love to get you on board and hear your feedback. All other comments and feedback is very welcome as well!

(I don't want this post to feel like spam. If you're interested, just google the site. I'm happy to respond to any questions and pms as well!)

- Ville // DJ Uninen