Need help to access tutorial video content
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    Default Need help to access tutorial video content

    Last month ordered the Finger Drumming Tutorial at the time of purchasing the MF3D device, along with soundpacks. Due to the DJTT shop switching, it appears today I am unable to access my order history online to download the tutorial -- no record of my account or order exists (except my email inbox receipt); the account did not transfer with the shop switch, it seems. Also, in the files downloaded there is a .mxf video file under a QWERTY drumming content folder (~4mb) but trying to open and play the file, keep getting errors - content cannot be rendered. Installed/updated KLITE MEGA codecs on the system which should play .MXF. Can't open with VLC Player, Windows Media Player (Win 7 64bit Op Sys), or MPC-HC64.

    Want to access - suggestions welcome

    UPDATE: Somehow was able to login and order showed back up...hooray...but the link to play the video for the Mad Zach extended tutorial says 404 OOPS error - file not found. Also, still can't open the MXF file after restart.
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