Rekordbox Key problem
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    Default Rekordbox Key problem

    I have a bunch of tracks analysed by Mixed In Key, it displays their key number in the comments section in rekordbox - e.g 11A

    Since Rekordbox 5.6.0 i turned 'key - alphanumeric' On

    Now it has the key number in the Key section (Great) and in the comments section - The problem is they are nearly all different.

    Is Rekordbox and mixed in key analysing them differently? Who should we trust because surely only one of them can be right?

    E.g Song A - 'Come Home' - Key = 3A / Comments = 5A

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    Trust MiK. Switch off key detection in anything except MiK.
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    I want to know aswell, which one is most accurate nowadays, so I did (and am doing 7 more apps atm) compared them with keys defined by human beings, check it out:

    So far MIK is still king, based on accuracy:

    1. Mixed In Key 8.5 ~76%

    2. KeyFinder 2.4 ~69%

    3. Traktor Pro 3.2 ~68%

    4. Rekordbox 5.6.1 ~63%
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