Event Earplugs for Narrow Ear Canals
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    Default Event Earplugs for Narrow Ear Canals

    This would be my first post here. Been lurking around but decided to join to ask a question.

    I've been using foam, molding and generic earplugs since I started going to music events about a year ago. I've always felt a sting in my ears using these kinds of plugs and yesterday while using Eargasm plugs... my ears got irritated and now infected. I think it's because I have narrow ear canals that even Q-tips hurt my ears.

    I am a freelance photographer(also a musician and an aspiring DJ) who takes photographs for various events, concerts, etc. so I'm always gonna need some ear protection when I'm near the giant amps/speakers.

    Would it be worth it to spend money on some custom filtered earplugs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah man absolutely, this is actually something I've been looking into a lot lately for my own ear protection. This week I'm gonna pick up a set of EARasers, as I've read they're the next best thing to custom molded ones.

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