Hi all! I would like to introduce you to The Sweeper...

The Story behind The Sweeper
The Sweeper is a tool for dynamic frequency Sweeping that sets its frequency based on the source or side-chain signal. The inspiration behind this new plugin came from denise’s Enrico Tiberi (nrec), an up and coming producer. At the time, he just got back from Beijing, where he had been recording in the Modern Sky Studio, one of Asia’s major studios, with the AMS Neve 88RS console – the largest mixing desk in China. “The inspiration came from mixing a lot of stuff where I had to automate filters all the time to clean up tracks and create resonances on the spot”, he says. Going from there, we developed The Sweeper: A more natural sounding alternative to side-chain compression and gating, and a creative tool that lets you completely reshape your sound.

When to use The Sweeper?
There are three major use cases for The Sweeper. Firstly, use it instead of side-chain compression for a more natural, balanced sound. Secondly, reduce a noisy vocal without gating. Thirdly, The Sweeper offers endless options to creatively shape your synths, drums and vocal parts. Sweep away – it’s all up to your imagination. To get a taste of the possibilities, head over to denise.io. Producer nrec recorded over 20 detailed example videos showcasing The Sweeper on real tracks he is producing for different artists.

"I love The Sweeper! It gives you great possibilities, especially when you are working with audio files and would like to emulate an envelope following filter automation afterwards!" – Dennis Shepherd (DJ/Producer)

The Sweeper highlights:

  • New GUI style.
  • Adaptive filter & interactive graph.
  • Side-chain input, making the plugin a good alternative for side-chain compression and allowing more creativity by receiving multiple envelope inputs.
  • Define the filter’s desired start and end frequency with an option to flip its direction.
  • Precisely control the filter’s behaviour over time with Attack & Release
  • Go from subtle to extreme resonance for a wide range of use cases
  • Low CPU usage
  • Work offline without dongles or complex licence managers

The Sweeper is now available on the denise website (formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX) at a summer promotional price of €24.99 (£26 incl. VAT) (regular price €48.90 incl. VAT). Download a free trial and find examples and productions tips at denise.io.

Happy producing!