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    Are there some pet owners among us? I've started thinking about adopting a cat or a dog but I've never had such an experience before. Are there any tips for pet owners I should know?

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    I owned two dogs already and I should say that it's a big responsibility. It's great that you are thinking about giving a new home to animals. The main thing is to look after your pet's health. Everything is important here, especially when talking about diet (it depends on your dog's or cat's breed). You will face a lot of problems at first, fleas are among those problems. Here is the source with the information on how to get rid of fleas on cats and dogs. My advice is to use natural means instead of the chemical ones.

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    Wickett (the yorkie I live with) is literally my best friend. Little dude goes everywhere with me except for work.

    Always reward positive behavior during training. It doesn't always have to be with treats, belly rubs and lower back scratches also suffice.

    Don't use the crate for punishment, especially during potty training.

    Build a trusting relationship with your vet.
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    They are great when they are older, but when they are young they can be such a pain in the arse, mine use to run off and you would find him wondering in the middle of the road. He would smell bitches and just run off. We did get him chopped but that because they flick is everywhere round the house.

    Most big dogs legs go, mine is now having trouble with his left leg, in the end we will have to have it amputated.

    You will need one of them long training ropes to tech them to come back.

    He is pretty much perfect now but their is a lot of training involved and it won't happen over night.

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