Im having a few DVS routing issues, please can someone help...
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    Default Im having a few DVS routing issues, please can someone help...

    Hi all. Im very new here, I really need some professional help(!)

    I have 2 turntables(AmericanAudio hts 4.5), I have a DJM750k (i believe thats the mark 1), I have rekordbox+dvs expansion pack. I am running it from my win10 acer ROG 533 vg.

    I appear to be having issues with the "Pioneer Setting Utility" and the rekordbox audio setup. Please can someone explain, so as an idiot would understand, what configuration i have to use.

    I just want the DVS to work like vinyl. Can someone please explain the "Settings Utility" setting, aswell as audio and dvs settings in rekordbox.

    I have tried so many different combinations/settings in rekordbox. Im not a stupid person, but it seems like im having issues where none should be.

    I await your helpful responses. I will buy the solver of my problem a drink/spl**f or whatever their heart desires. I have just found a new love for breaks and funky scratchy hip-hop, its actually made me feel young again.

    Please help rejuvinate my youth.

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    Post some screen shots, mate.

    Always happy to help a fellow breaks/hip-hop/scratch fan.
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    did u try youtube videos?

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