Pioneer DDJ-SX3 Mapping for Traktor Pro 3.2
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    Default Pioneer DDJ-SX3 Mapping for Traktor Pro 3.2

    Has anyone found a suitable TSI mapping for the SX3 for Traktor? I have tried a few and none seem to work properly. Also, if you know of one that works, any tips or suggestions to get me going? I converted from Traktor hardware to Pioneer and would really like to take advantage of Traktor software since I am pretty invested in NI. Any help is appreciated.

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    I now compared the MIDI codes and documentation of the SX3 vs the SZ that I own:

    Since the SX3 is now external mode, it means that the sound color FX are not remapable.
    Also the Grid adjust vs Pitch-n-time buttons are the same midi code.

    conclusion: my SX2/SZ mapping is your best bet. There you can control the TP3 mixerFX+macroFX easily with the pad shortcuts I built
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