Possible to do? Kontrol S4 MK1
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    Default Possible to do? Kontrol S4 MK1

    Is this possible to map on the useless loop recorder buttons?

    Hold down "size" for instance, and turn wet dry, which should scroll through the new "mixer effects" on channel A. Other buttons on the other decks, (I would still use the fat filter knobs to adjust)

    So the button should modify toggle the knob to the fx list temporarily.

    That would pretty much bring the MK1 current to be able to use some of these new features for me.

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    If you don't use the loop recorder then all 4 buttons and the knob are free to be mapped and are in fact mappable.

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    I mapped that kind of functionality to S4 MK2. You can download it from Midimaps and copy and paste to MK1 mapping by using CMDR editor.


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