Ableton "forgets" MIDI Fighter Twister....
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    Default Ableton "forgets" MIDI Fighter Twister....

    it appears that unless I plug my Midi Fighter Twister into the same usb port, ableton tends to forget what it's been mapped to (Windows 10)
    Anyone know why/how to avoid this without just making sure it's always in the same port?
    This might be more of an Ableton question, but it anyone has solved the same problem that would be great....
    It's going to be a drag remapping it every time I make this mistake!

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    Hi duckchild,

    I made tests on my own setup on the 3 USB port of my laptop and on my HP dock USB port (shutdowned and hot-plug), I didn't have this issue, weird...

    Dell latitude 5591
    Windows 10 version 1903
    Live 9.7.7
    Midi fighter twister

    I used MF Utility to save and send configuration to Midi fighter twister.



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