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    So this is my DJing space for right now. It's in the living room and behind it is my computer desk with two monitors on it and there's a box light and a green screen from when I used to stream on Twitch. I don't really play computer games anymore, so I need to move some of the stuff out of here and get my DJ setup as the forefront of the space. I want to get a better DJ stand than the X stand with a wooden board on it and tablecloth draped over that I'm using now.

    My setup is a DDJ-SX2, Serato DJ Pro, a Sager gaming laptop, a pair of Pioneer DM-40 monitors, a HD6xx headset, and I have my Audio Technica LP60X that I just use for listening to Vinyl. Pretty soon my brother will be giving me two Numark DJ Turntables that I'll be connecting using DVS to the SX2.

    Here is the MixTrack Pro vanilla that I started on a year ago. It has a 12inch Skinz Vinyl on it. I have a custom vinyl print coming for the SX2.

    Update: Here is my SX2 with a Tupac Shakur themed 12inch Skin on it!! Sick right?!

    P.S. - How do I embed images?
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