"The state of music....is in the hands of the computer"
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    Default "The state of music....is in the hands of the computer"

    Snoop Dogg interview on The View

    The title is Snoop's response (4:37) to the question "What is the state of music right now?"

    He basically goes on to say:

    • - no one's going to the record store anymore, the Internet is the main vehicle for music now
    • - as a result of ^ artists must now deal with fans on a more personal level than before

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    there are only a few rappers I really like as a person. Snoop is one of them. Real Genuine soul. Yah, he gets it. That was a well delivered answer.

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    he is right... the internet is the main vehicle for any kind of media.

    Going to the record shop was cool, you could speak with other people there and meet fellow djs... but IMO it's much more faster and practical to browse records digitally than to go through vinyls. You can see all the record of an artist you like, or all the records of a label...

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    I totally agree with all the above posts.

    But... nothing will comes close to walking into your local specialist store and the guy behind the counter gives you the weekly bag that he has put together for you cus he knows what your into and hes put the good new stuff aside for you to go and listen to.

    I miss that. Although my wallet is very relieved.

    Snoop is funny. Has he stopped making Porn Movies now?
    He looks like a croupier or a Snooker player in that waist coat.

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