New to this. Trying to hook up a mixer.
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    Default New to this. Trying to hook up a mixer.

    I have an ion dj mixer I picked up. Iím not a pro, I have been using an EV powered speaker with an aux cord to my iPhone for music. I was hoping to add an element and mix music but I canít figure out how to connect the mixer to the powered speaker.

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    on the back of the mixer should be a "master out" set of RCA plugs. Plug your speaker in to that. You may have to buy an adapter, but you said it was connected to your phone so it shouldn't be too hard to make it happen.
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    Hey man,

    Am I correct in assuming this is what you have?

    If so what you have is a controller, not a mixer.

    A mixer is a self contained unit that takes multiple audio inputs, mixes them within itself (standalone), and outputs a final master signal (the audio).

    A controller interfaces with software on a computer, and the computer is doing all the mixing, effects, etc.

    In this case, you need to download the software that works with your controller to use it, and then you can plug the audio output from your computer (likely a 3.5mm headphones jack) into your speakers - and you're good to go

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