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    I've had this idea for a home dj booth for a long time now and was actually able to pull the plug on it now. Im very pleased on how it turned out! I used 2 of the 2x2 book shelves and screwed and liquid nails some legs on as the base (ikea parts are cheap and hollow so some sort of adhesive is required). Then I got a 6.5' table top with another set of legs for the top. At first it was kinda unstable because of the hard plastic feet on the smooth surface, so we got some sticky rubber pads from home depot and it worked perfectly! all 3 parts are separate and is pretty stable! i'm going to get a second pair of legs for the top as the weight of the gear is making it sag slightly in the middle. Phase 2 will include LED pixel tape.
    p.s. the speakers are only that close because of cable length limitations and will be in the corner next update
    p.p.s sorry i couldnt figure out how to upload a picture to the forum. failed at file upload and url upload

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    Funky looking setup mate, that's sweet

    P.S. If you wanna insert the image in your post, upload it to a site like Imgur and copy/paste the image link, then use the "Insert Image" button when make a post.

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    Looks good to me! I've got my set up on a metal and glass bar right now which is the perfect height more or less. I can't stand playing and bending over to the point that your back starts hurting...

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    Imgur or Google Photos mate. PM Me if you need a hand.
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