Old DJ returning....
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    Default Old DJ returning....

    So as the title says. Vinyl DJ'd through my 20's through college and after for some time, all EDM. As soon as work became serious I eventually stopped. Now I'm getting back about 10 years later. Just bedroom mixing (again) to start. I'm just torn on the controller I want.

    I'm setting up with a JBL MKII and looking at these three controllers:

    Traktor MK3, Numark NV II or the DDJ-SR2, all within the same price range or there abouts.

    From what I have read for EDM, the Traktor and software pro 3 is the way to go. I like the idea of the displays on the NV II and the DDJ is a solid choice by most.

    I'd appreciate some guidance. It is starting to get a bit mind boggling


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    Hey man,

    Welcome back, and I hope you have fun!

    The way of software DJing and using controllers is of course a bit different, but I suspect once you get in a start having fun with it you'll get used to it pretty quick

    Both Traktor, and Rekordbox DJ are great systems. For myself, I prefer Rekordbox, but that's because I play almost entirely on CDJs, so it's what I'm used to for track organisation and track analysis.

    If I was DJing with controllers, I would almost definitely use Traktor. It's an awesome and super capable system, and the Traktor Kontrol controllers and really nice and integration perfectly with the software.

    Hope that helps! If it was me in your situation, I'd go the Traktor route - but I think you should watch a bunch of YouTube videos showing use of both Traktor and Rekordbox DJ and see which one you like the flow of better.

    Good luck, practice and enjoy

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