Iím a semi-professional DJ, as in I DJ in clubs & venues a few times each month but I donít solely make my living from it. Iíve been djíing for almost 17years and my current home set up is as follows: 2 x Pioneer XDJ mk1 and an Allen & Heath DB2 mixer. Iím excited that Iím going to be adding a MacBook Air (16GB RAM w/1TB SSD drive) to my current set up. Additionally Iím thinking about adding a controller to my rig to take with me to smaller gigs that donít have an industry standard set up in place. Naturally, the controller I had in mind was the DDJ-800 (2 channel controller for Rekordbox DJ) to stay with the Rekordbox software system.

The reason I went with the XDJís is that they are basically a paired down version of what I play in the clubs (Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2ís) and both run on the same Rekordbox music management software. Personally i prefer the sound and effects from the A&H to a Pioneer DJM mixer. Iím happy with the free Rekordbox music management software for the most part and have become quite accustomed to it. I can easily plan for my club gigs and all I take is a set of USBís & headphones. Smaller gigs have always been harder - taking my full rig from home has never been ideal. The DDJ800 seems like the best solution for this and it uses the full paid version of Pioneer Rekordbox DJ software. I contacted Pioneer asking how I would set up my MacBook running Pioneer Rekordbox DJ (paid version) with my current home set up and was informed that I cannot run Rekordbox DJ (paid) with an A&H mixer - I have to have a Pioneer compatible mixer. Thats a bummer!

This leads me to the questions that I have. I only want a single program of music management software running everything I have. That would be the XDJís & A&H DB2 mixer and a new easily portable controller. Rekordbox DJ isnít compatible with my mixer, but is it backwards compatible? Can I use the paid version (Rekordbox DJ) as simply music management software for my XDJís like I currently use? Can I connect the MacBook (running Rekordbox DJ paid) to the XDJís and have it function as the free Rekordbox music management software only? How well does that work for those of you who are doing that? If this doesnít work, do I have to look at a third party system like Traktor or Serato? If I move to a third party system then obviously I would be considering other controllers that were more suited for the software. Thanks in advance for all your advice!