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    I purchased the Midi Fighter 64 a year or 2 ago and man I loved it. However, as they say, life happened and I would like to sell it. Unfortunately, in order to post in the buy/sell forum I need to post 20 times?? I understand preventing spammers from joining that forum but geez man I just need the money and would like to sell it. 10/10 for the midi fighter 64 but a 1/10 for the buy/sell forum lol.

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    well i will reply to you then mate. then you reply back yadda yadda.
    ebay might be better anyway as you'll be covered... ive had 2 people recently tried to rip me off buying 2nd hand so its handy to know you are protected.

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    We do it to try and protect people from being ripped off. Post spamming will get you banned.

    People will be more apt to buy from you if they know you. 20 posts is not hard.
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