Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased the DDJ-SB3 and wanted to make it work with 4 decks on Traktor.

Since Traktor does not natively support the SB3, I tried downloading a couple MIDI maps but none worked as good as I hoped they would, so I decided to map everything myself.

I got most controls working now, and I have assigned Modifier 3 (or M3) to turn on when I press the "Deck 3" button on my SB3 (same for M4). Now, when I press on the D3 or D4 button, I am able to control deck C and deck D on Traktor.
This works great, but I can't get the LED to work, so now I cannot know which deck I am trying to control.

Currently my mapping setup is like this:
Modifier #3, In, cond M3=0, set value to 1
Modifier #3, In, cond M3=1, set value to 0
Modifier #3, Out, cond M3=1, Controller Range 1-1, MIDI Range 1-127

My LED light is not lighting up, and I have tried to mess around with the Output but have not beel able to fix this as of yet. Could someone help me out?