I just got my MF Twister the other day and I am having a really hard time getting it to work with Traktor. i watched all the videos on how to load the mapping and the utility. I tried loading multiple mappings from the DJ Tech Tools site, including the Twisted Gratification mapping. I got the mapping to work once but there were lights that were flashing for no reason, so I tried deleting everything and starting over. Now I can get the utility settings to load and everything looks correct but when I start up Traktor the lights change. I try to load the mapping and nothing moves on the screen although the Ctrl light on Traktor turns on and I see the CPU load go up. I have also tried to just map a single knob in Traktor without using a mapping and factory resetting the MFT. Again when I start up Traktor the lights change and on the first bank the lights for knobs 1 and 3 of row one, and knob 4 of row 3 slowly blink. i also have no luck even mapping a single knob. When I close Traktor the lights stay as they were when in Traktor including the slowly blinking lights until I unplug the MFT. When I plug it back in it seems to go into the utility settings that I loaded and looks normal. After trying to get it to work with Traktor for a day, I decided to see if it maps properly in FL Studio. In FL it seemed to work as expected just mapping individual knobs, faders, and buttons. Overall it seems the the problems arise once I start up Traktor. I hope one of you out there might know what the issue is because I mainly bought the MFT to map to Traktor to control the things that my Kontrol X1 doesn't cover. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.