I've been DJing for 20 years and have changed equipment a number of times, but I still have my 1210s with about 1000 vinyl, and I now use a combination of smallish controllers with a laptop (Rekordbox or Traktor).

My wife and I are expecting our first child in June, and we are also currently having an extension built to the house, so my decks will make way from the 2nd bedroom (to be the nursery) to sit in the extension. At some point we will also get a dog.

What I'd like for my next setup is something that can be tucked away when not in use, so that there aren't vinyls, cables, etc. for kids or dogs to get curious with. Also, since the extension is on the ground floor I want it to look inconspicuous to any potential burglar.

In order to be tucked away, I'm imagining the setup sitting on lockable wheels so that I can pull it away from the wall to get behind when I want to use it, and push it back against the wall when done. I'm willing to forego having monitor speakers on the setup because the extension will have surround sound, so I will be able to use speakers directly above my head for monitoring purposes.

The nearest thing I've seen that looks like something I have in mind is this:

I like how the 1210s can be pulled out, but for the most part I don't play on them often (although in this instance it would always have to be pulled out because of the mixer). Of course this won't hold all my vinyl, but I need to trim down my collection anyway and I'm happy to only have a smaller collection directly to hand within the unit.

Any suggestions welcome!