MFT Alternate firmware for using 4 MFTs - no issues :)
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    Default MFT Alternate firmware for using 4 MFTs - no issues :)

    Yeah, I'm running three right now.

    I've been using MFTs to control plugin parameters and send levels for years. I always had to plug in the MFTs in to the system (Win7 previously, now Win10) in sequence so Reaper would see them in the right order.

    Thanks to the new firmware giving the units one of four different names I no longer need to do this. Promptly I got a third MFT in the recent sale and it's all working just fine.

    Thanks for those new firmware downloads.

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    Hey AironAudio,

    Happy to hear that new firmware solved that issue for you! Thank you for the review!

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    Aaah, but Sir, is there enough memory and resources to let folks have more than 4 banks ?

    I might be a little greedy, but one can never have enough of these knobs.

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    Default It the best

    i have 3 right now. I was able to secure a couple more twisters and now want to integrate 5. So i'm looking into compiling the source to get a proper name for the 5th device. never enough knobs.

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