TP3 timecode request: adjust turntable pitch fader without the track's tempo changing
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    Default TP3 timecode request: adjust turntable pitch fader without the track's tempo changing

    Using timecode vinyl, I want to hold my S4 shift button and adjust my turntable's pitch fader without the track's tempo changing. this allows me to zero the turntable's fader or go beyond the turntable's +/-8%. I can do this playing internally with the S4 but can't figure out how to do it with timecode. explained in another way:

    current default feature:
    S4 SHIFT + S4 tempo fader move = no change in deck tempo

    i want to do the same thing but with my DVS timecode vinyl:
    S4 SHIFT = turntable pitch adjust fader move = no change in deck tempo


    [Traktor Pro 3, S4 MK3]

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    Already replied to you on reddit, but I'll post this here too so others can see the method.

    Ok, well... if your TT *does* format switches to 45/78... this is possible using the mapping I talked about in my first response, BUT, is probably going to mean you doing math every time you use it...

    This method would be:

    Delete mapping for S4 Shift button, OR..

    Create a modifier toggle switch to add an extra "layer" of function to the button if you want to keep the original functionality, and just add to it. (Modifier toggle switches are relatively simple to make if you have basic midi mapping knowledge, and Google should give you instructions on doing that...)

    How *I* would do this is... hmmm...

    M1 would be inc +1 from 0 - 3 each time the shift button was pressed until reaching 3 (three button presses), and auto sets back to 0 on 4th press, AND on <if M1=3 Then set to 0 on release> to make sure it wont glitch. This means that shift would work normally unless you press it 3 times, and hold it down on the 3rd press.

    Map an LED output to a button, using the Beat Phase to have a blinking light signaling when M1=3 so you know when you are on the second shift layer.

    Then map to Shift (again) <if M1=3 internal playback=**On**, if M1=0 internal playback=Off, AND if M1=1 internal playback=Off, AND if M1=2 internal playback=Off

    After doing all that, all original shift functions are retained on the S4, but if you press Shift 3 times, and hold, a LED will start blinking, and as long as you hold shift on 3rd press, then you can change record formats on the TT without effecting the track, ok?

    Now comes the math part, which I can't help you with, haha.

    You're going to have to figure out WHERE +8 for 33rpm IS on the pitch fader when playing at 45rpm, ok?

    So you would press Shift three times and hold, verify internal playback with the blinking LED, change TT's format to 45rpm, move pitch fader to the correct position for 33rpm ON 45rpm format, release shift, LED stops blinking and playback is again set to TT speed, and if accurately adjusted, no change in speed will happen, and you will be able to increase speed PAST 33rpm's +8%.

    Note that you would have to reverse the method once to get back to standard 33rpm for another track, but...

    Yeah, that should get you exactly what you're trying to accomplish. As long as your TT has 45rpm format, and everything is mapped correctly, ok?

    Keep being Rad!



    Please note that the S4 mapping probably already uses a few modifiers so you'll have to use whatever one isn't being used.

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