What type of sound system do we need?
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    Default What type of sound system do we need?

    Hello...and I have a question.

    I am a member of a condominium community.

    We have a clubhouse on premise and we are in need of a sound system.

    Here are some facts:

    We have a clubhouse great room that is about 1200 square feet with a cathedral ceiling. The maximum height of that ceiling is about 20 feet.

    The acoustics in that room are bad. The room holds a pool table, some furniture and when the room is at capacity, the room holds perhaps 70 people. There is light wall to wall carpeting with no nap on it, throughout.

    The room is used for functions that require entertainment and sound -- so we will need something with a CD changer, a jack for a mic and perhaps the capacity to use 4 wireless mics (Clip ons) with that sound system.

    I imagine we will need at least 4 speakers, perhaps 6 -- we also have no WiFi in that room so some type of wireless system is out of the question.

    Bearing all of this in mind, what kind of a sound system do we need and what would be the estimated price?


    PS: none of us are techies...and I myself have never purchased anything of this caliber.

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    what is your budget? permanent install? CD changer?
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