First Post: Am I nuts? Is anyone else doing this? What are your thoughts?
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    Default First Post: Am I nuts? Is anyone else doing this? What are your thoughts?

    Hello everyone.

    I currently have two cdj-2000s and while they are great and I could keep them forever they seem like they're alot of bulk and cash tied up when I could do what I really want with software, controller(s) and my existing mixer (Allen heath xone 62 from way back in the day).

    What I'm looking at is getting a launchpad to ideally control rekordbox DJ or Traktor. I only want to control my transport really, using the buttons to navigate, load, and jump around (hot cue/hot loop). If I were to add another controller it would be the Midi Twister for fx, loop length stuff like that. I mainly play house, techno and minimal stuff with a bit of wierd stuff, samples and drony stuff into effects. I use guitar pedals on the xone for that. I'd also possibly add a midi twister for some knobs to control loop length and other functions.

    So am I nuts? Is someone out there doing this (or similar)? Is there a better way.

    PS no all in ones the Xone stays

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    I ended up really missing the jogs on my 2 X1's. I just bought two new X1's with the touch strip hoping that solves it. I would also really really miss encoders for loop size, position and moving through the track.
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    When I first started DJ'in I tried different setups but the most fun I ever had was when I really got into quick mixing with just a DJM-900nxs with a serato box.

    Yes I literally only used a DJM-900nxs. All of my transport functions I did using the keyboard on my laptop. I will admit using a keyboard cover helped a bunch but I only used the tempo, pitch bend, and cue keys. I got inspired by a friend who did all of this by memory without a key board cover and rocked the hell out of the club. It is also a really good skill to have if you ever get in a pickle where a bad jogwheel/cdj/turntable doesn't want to work with you that night.

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    I've deejayed just on a launchpad with a mixer and traktor in the past. It was interesting, but left me wanting more. The most minimal I will go now is a pair of X1 MK2's and a mixer.
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    My Traktor combo K2 + MF64 + Twister!

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