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    I have a question what would you recommend me. I used to play on a rekordbox controller but now I switched to traktor and I wanted to upgrade my setup. I was willing to buy an allen & heath xone 43c mixer and 2 x1s (also considered the K1/K2), but now that i received an offer to buy traktor kontrol s8 at the same price as AH setup I really don't know what to do. The s8 seems to have everything possible to have in hardware (the screens, the faders for stems or fx etc.), but on the other hand AH setup is more modular and easy to upgrade and expand. I also wanted to buy cdjs 1000 mk3 some time in the future so i can control them via DVS and I know that the s8 has also a mixer inside, but dunno if it would've work with rekordbox. Let me know what would you choose in my place.

    Thanks in advance
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    This is super super personal, I'd just buy it second hand and at a price fair enough that you'd be able to sell it wihtout losing (much) money. Iterating trough setups is how you discover what works best for you, good luck!
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