How to use rekordbox or other softs with Apple Music?!
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    Post How to use rekordbox or other softs with Apple Music?!


    Its been a while I came back to mixing live and things were different 7 years ago

    I have an issue that all music that I have is with Apple Music, thus I don't actually own any, as before I used to download each track separately, thus at that time had no problems when using rekordbox.

    Now, however, since all my playlists are made within Apple Music, I cannot load anything into rekordbox, because of some DRM limitations. I google, and there are plenty of softwares to take off this DRM format, but I don't want to invest more into mixing softwares...

    What softwares DJs use today to upload songs (especially when all songs are in Apple Music)?
    Can I somehow still use rekordbox with Apple Music without any extra side software?
    Can You probably please advise me other software with less hustle to use in my case with Apple Music?

    Looking forward to your advices!
    and I hope u guys staying safe and sane during this time

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    There are is no DJ software that support Apple Music due to licensing issues. Even tho few that support Spotify are rolling back on it. The license you get with most mainstream streaming services is for personal reproduction and DJ software doesn't fall under that category. Does it suck? Sure but it's also why the subscription price is as low.

    There are some apps that might convert playlists to a Rekordbox friendly format but, since you don't own the tracks themselves, it's not technically legal doing so and we are against piracy in this forum.

    Try looking into record pools or a Soundcloud/Beatport streaming sub. No one is really using Apple Music to mix with for this reason.

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