Hi All,
This is my first post on DJTT but I have been fairly active over the years on the RBDJ Forums and Facebook Pages. Anyway I recently had a post I created in 2017 resurrected by DJESTRELA and that led to some very interesting offline conversations with him and Christiaan at Rekordcloud who were both quite interested in a simple flaw I found in the way Rekordbox DJ handles capitalization of tracks and how it applies to Rekordbox.xml files. I documented a few tips and tricks in the following two postings on the RBDJ Forums.



Essentially I found a number of ways to use the Rekordbox.xml file to my advantage for hard to grid songs, or for additional flexibility using a single track but having multiple sets of cue points and grids (could also have the same track have a different set of hot cues and grids in different playlists too).

Anyway I documented the steps in the second link above, but would love to collaborate on other possibilities I discuss in either thread.

Note I tested that this still functions correctly in RBDJ 6 if you import a Rekordbox.xml file with the correct entries. Unfortunately they removed the export to xml function from RBDJ 6, so I use RBDJ 5.8.5 and just joined Rekordcloud for a year to see how that goes (so far Christiann has been very responsive!).

Anyway DJEstrela suggested I start a thread here on this topic as there are more technically inclined DJs at this site, so here I am!!

Let me know if this is of interest to you, as I think I have some pretty good insights into the functioning of the Rekordbox.xml file.

DJ CRSounds