[House] DJTT Classic House Mixtrain 2019
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    Cool DJTT Classic House Mixtrain 2019

    Here it is folks! Enjoy.


    DJTT Classic House Mixtrain 2019 - Mixed by djtechtools.com members Jester, oddworld_audio & SlayForMoney.

    Part 1 - Jester (NZL)

    Eddie Amador - House Music (Deep Dish Body & Soul Dub)
    Pole Folder - Inner Turmoil (Pole Folder, Stel & Marko Rework)
    The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

    Part 2 - oddworld_audio (UK) hearthis.at/0ddworld/

    Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy (Original Mix)
    Kiwi Dreams - Y? (Danny's Mix)
    The Rhythm Masters - Spanish Ritual (Conga Vibe Mix)
    Androgeny - I Could Be This (Transy Tribal Mix)
    Morel's Grooves 4 - Talk To Me (The Club Mix)
    Deep Dish - Come Back (Original Mix)
    Joint Venture - Come On (The Mix)
    Todd Terry - Mellisa's Dream

    Part 3 - SlayForMoney (EU) hearthis.at/mrslaven/

    Hot 22 pres. Summer In The City - Sunshine Daze (Original Mix)
    Shik Stylko ft. Tyree Cooper - Groove You Out Tonight (Brian Tappert & Grant Nelson's Soul City Remix)
    EBTG vs. Soul Vision - Tracey In My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg)
    Inspiro - Thoughts Of You (Original Mix)
    Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Original Mix)
    Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On 2003 (Terry's Vocal Mix)

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    The train has finally left the station (minus a carriage or 2)

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    Lovely! Should we call it a Northern Rail?
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