Hi, I'm looking to buy a turntable to learn to scratch on.

I had originally looked at a Numark PT01 Scratch, pre-modded with a JesseDean fader, tonearm, new cart and platter stabiliser & ortofon cart/stylus. It comes in at around 310 to 320(UK).

I liked the idea of the numark, as i'm abit tight on space at home (but could proably squeeze a full size deck in), and i just thought it looked a good fun and cheapish way in. I don't really need the portability of the PT01- but i kind of liked the small form and the idea of scratching on 7"s - but cant decide if it would be better to save up the extra 80 to 100 for a full size deck.

Alot of people of said buying a normal deck makes more sense, and would be a better route.

So i looked at a reloop rp7000mk2 which comes in at 395 to 420(UK). With a free reloop cartridge.

I can't decide which would be best, and would be interested in views.

I wondered on views on which way to go? and is one better than the other for learning on?

Mixer wise i already have a Akai AMX & Serato DVS which i was planning on using if i got the reloop and using it in thru mode on serato for vinyl or using timecode & serato

thanks for your time