I just got my first 1210's and I'm now looking to get a mixer for listening to vinyl played through the 1210. Also, I would like to have the ability to mix the 1210 output with digital through my S4 (but might get a CDJ eventually too).

I read that the S4 does not support Phono input, and therefore I'm assuming I definitely need a mixer for connecting the two together (please correct me if I'm wrong). Having laid that, can anyone recommend me a good mixer for my use case? .
Requirements are:
- Sound quality over functions
- Must have booth and master out
- 2 channels min.
- Must allow vinyl, Traktor S4 and CDJs.
- Budget min $300-max $800

So far I like the Allen & Heath Xone 23 or 23C (latter has built-in soundcard). I think it ticks all the boxes. Thoughts? Any other recommendations?

Thank you!