hi just bought my first controller - used kontrol s2 mk2.
connected it and updated most recent drivers.
i tried 3 different softwares and i have different problem with each one.
1) virtual dj 8 - deck 2 works perfectly. when playing a song on deck 1, as long as i dont touch the controller everything is alright, as soon as i touch the controller (for example increasing tempo) the deck got stuck, not playing anymore and doesnt react to any function. in the meantime deck 2 work perfectly.

2) traktor dj 2 - i think it recognise the controller (in preferences shows the controller on audio output option) but doesnt react to it... i tried every function on the controller, its just doesnt show up in the software. plus when i play a song i cannot see the leds of the level in the controller react, so it doesnt actually get the sound as well.

3) traktor pro 3 (demo) - everything seems to work fine except that the levels of the EQ and FX knobs seems to be out of sync. when the hi/mid/low in the controller are set on the center it shows up in the software as +47, and when i kill it on the controller it shows up on the software in the center.

(btw im using macpro mid 2012 with macos 10.12.6)

thank you