I have a UK white/silver face Xone 92. Its old and definitely has high miles on it. I want to refresh it as new as I possibly can. I played it today and so far it has some dust and crackle noise with the faders and nobs. What do you guys recommend i do to fully clean it up and make it sound new. i plan on sending it to a engineer to do a dust clean up. What are other things i should look into replacing? Also where can i get original parts for the UK version? Is it all china part now?

Some noticeable issues.

Cross fader seems to be not working. It partially engages and then it doesnít. And it doesnít doing gradually. It just jumps to the other line.

crackle noise when lifting up and down the volume.

Effects seems to not have very good subtle entry to it. It also lowers the volume when i move it a curtain way on frequency. When hitting the button to turn on it seems to just change the noise completely and not in a subtle way.

Iím sure some of this is normal for a old analog mixer. Just not sure what is and what isnít.