S4 Mk3 jog wheels with turntables
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    Default S4 Mk3 jog wheels with turntables

    I've got a fairly off the wall question about the S4 mk3 jog wheels.

    What happens if you have turntables (DVS) plugged in to channel 1 & 2 and you have TT mode enabled on the controller for the same channels? Do the jog wheels still turn, and by some miracle do they emulate what is happening on the turntables? (Probably not). If you accidentally nudge the jog wheel does it affect playback of the vinyl?

    I've looked online but can't see much of an answer to this question. Thinking about buying one but curious about my workflow when switching between decks. I've been using vinyl for more years than I care to remember and want the functionality of 4 decks, but the feel of vinyl.


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    you only can use DVS/ turntables on channel B and C then you cant use jogwheels for these decks, you have to change settings on traktor to use the DVS on these channels so no you cant use jogs

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