Traktor F1 problem
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    Default Traktor F1 problem

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this, I'm struggling to find anyone on the internet who can help with my problem:

    I'm using a Traktor F1 with my DAW (Reason). I know that is not specifically what it's designed for, but I have it very close to working wonderfully. However, I have one issue that has me stumped.

    I'm using the main grid of buttons as mute/unmute buttons so I can switch mixer channels on and off in Reason. I have the buttons assigned as MIDI CC signals, with it set to Toggle mode. As Reason doesn't do great at sending MIDI back to controllers, I just have the F1 itself set to show whether the button is toggled on or off with a light colour change. This all works great.

    But I'd like to also use the SHIFT mode so I can make the main grid of buttons temporarily act like a set of drum pads sending regular MIDI keyboard notes. The aim is to be able to use the buttons to mute and unmute channels, bringing parts and layers in and out, then temporarily switch to drum mode and play some live percussion.

    HOWEVER, I have this problem:

    2020-05-28 14_07_08-Window.jpg

    So basically, every time I enter shift mode, when i leave it again the sh*t hits the fan as what is muted and what is playing gets randomly shuffled.

    Does anyone know why this might be happening?

    Below are some pictures of how I have the MID assignments for the main buttons

    2020-05-28 14_11_44-Window.jpg

    and in SHIFT mode:

    2020-05-28 14_13_00-Window.jpg

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    ​​I fixed it.

    For reference:
    There were some MIDI assignments on the little buttons below the fader that were the same as with the assignments on the drum pad.
    You can see the problem in the first screenshot image.

    Works as expected now.

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