Fix: MIDI Fighter Utility 2.85 not detecting the MIDI Fighter Twister on german MacOS
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    Lightbulb Fix: MIDI Fighter Utility 2.85 not detecting the MIDI Fighter Twister on german MacOS

    The problem

    MIDI Fighter Utility 2.85 keeps showing "NO MIDIFIGHTER DETECTED" for a second and reconnects in a loop.

    The program looks for USB-MIDI device names containing the text "Midi Fighter", "MF PRO", "Midifighter" or "USB MIDI". On german MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 a newly attached MIDI Fighter Twister 4 will be named "USB-MIDI-Gerät":


    The fix

    Simply open the MacOS-Utility "", click on "Window > MIDI-Studio", detach the MIDI Fighter Twister USB cable, then double-click the device "USB-MIDI-Gerät" and rename it to "USB MIDI-Gerät" (remove the first dash).

    A bit more advanced fix

    Alternatively, you could patch the MIDI Fighter Utility binary in a Hex-Editor to match the strings:

    Before: (Midi Fighter)|(MF PRO)|(Midifighter)|(USB-MIDI)
    After : (Midi Fighter)|(MF PRO)|(Midifighter)|(USB MIDI)

    Feel free to contact me, if you would like to have a patched version.

    @DJTechTools: It would be great if you could add the string "USB MIDI" to your detection regex.

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    This is great! Thanks for posting!
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    I'm having almost the same issue. Except here, I got a RME card that quite often reports itself as "USB Midi Device" even if I rename it (it doesn't do it with each reboot, maybe once a day or something). So to get the Utility app to work I have to go to the Audio MIDI Setup and rename the RME each time this happens. Annoying. Would be great if the app could search for "Midi Fighter" first and then if present, doesn't try to connect to "USB Midi". I have no idea how to edit an App with a Hex-Editor and would rather not even try :-)

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