Little help please, recently just bought the Behringer ddm4000 mixer which is a brilliant bit of kit for the price. However there is no booth output. I do a lot of live DJ facebook videos but I can't get the irig2 or rode SC4 to work for best (no background noise) sound. I have set up a rca cable straight from the master out B which is supposedly the booth output but I hear everything when recording. I also have plugged in the irig2 to the same output but the noise is really REALLY low. I have also tried the XLR cables out of the ouput A (left, Right) next to subwoofer directly to the irig2 which did have quality sound with no background noise however 2 mins into a mix it started deteriating into fuzzy melody and unbearable distorted beats! Any help on a set up would be muchly appreciated please as I'm clean out of ideas!! P.S apologies for the long message!!