Hi, I’m looking for the following setup but for the life of me can’t figure out what I’m missing or need to do. I have the following: a technics 1200, numark mixtrac pro 3 controller, a Lenovo laptop, a Pyle pp999 turntable preamp, behringer uca 222 u control. My ideal setup would be mixing using Serato via the numark controller while being able to use the single turntable to scratch and/or listen to my vinyl. The thing is I cannot connect the turntable to the laptop yet. Any guidance on how this all should be connected? Obviously I will purchase the scratch live but wanted to get the turntable connected to the laptop/Serato first so as to simply hopefully purchase and just start to scratching. But what should the setup look like? Also I’m a bedroom dj so not looking to spend a lot thus the basic interface and preamp I mentioned. Thanks!