Gone for a bit of old skool, could do with a little help!
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    Default Gone for a bit of old skool, could do with a little help!

    Hello everyone!

    I've been into Dj'ing on and off for around 15 years, started off with some Stanton decks and Gemini mixer in my bedroom and progressed to Traktor X1 and Z1. I sold them a few years back and have been out of the game since then.

    So last weekend I bought a pair of Numark NDX 800's and a Behringer DDM 4000 mixer.

    My question is I want to control my music with the Numarks (so unfortunate that they only accept MP3) and control the mixing, filters and effects with the Behringer. I will be using Traktor.

    Would this be possible? Do you think that there would be I/O clashes?

    What else would I need to get it up and running, sound card and MIDI to USB adaptor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there's anything I've missed please let me know.

    Nice one!

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    personally I would swap your mixer for one with a built in sound card... such as dim 250 mk2 or Xone 23c bc then you could just plug your mixer and NDXs into a usb hub and into your laptop and set up Traktor to work. otherwise yeah u need a sound card.
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    Cheers for the reply mate.

    There's a couple of other mixers I've been looking at but the prices are astronomical here in Turkey and I'm on a budget so I have to be careful where I spend my money.

    The other mixers I've been looking at are;

    Pioneer DJM 700
    Numark M4
    Pioneer DJM 600
    American Audio MXR 14
    Behringer NOX 404
    Allen & Heath xone 32
    Pioneer DJM-250-K
    Behringer NOX-606
    Gemini CS-02

    Even second-hand the prices here are close if not the same as the new units abroad, everything is so expensive here.

    Would it really be worth changing the mixer or should I just go and buy a decent external sound card, save my cash for 6 months or so and then buy a mixer?

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    What did you end up deciding to do?

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, just curious... Why exactly are you wanting to use Traktor? If i had this setup I'd just use the Numarks to play the tracks and mix on the Behringer, no laptop needed!

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