Help in deciding what decks to potentially buy
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    Default Help in deciding what decks to potentially buy

    Hello everyone,

    Hope youíre all doing well. My name is Peter and I am massively into Techno and some House music.

    I am considering having a go at DJing again. I am trying to decide on what decks I should order if possible. A few years back, I have had a go at DJing with beginnerís decks and had a few goes on proper decks at Uni.

    This may be a tricky one. I am hoping to find decks where I can connect songs from Spotify or something if possible, not sure if that even exists! Buying songs for DJing is so expensive lol. I would also like the decks to be cheap but also so when I learn from it, I would then be able to play proper Pioneer CDJs in a club, should I ever do so. I would like to be able to actually learn to beat match without seeing the beats and bars merged together so I can actually beat match purely with ear.

    I am thinking ahead here. If it does get to that point, I would also like to do live streams. In order to do this without having very loud music (and annoying housemates/neighbours) but the music will appear on the stream in the quality of a mp3 track if that makes sense, would a sound card be needed? If so, how does it work? If not, how do I go about this? This sounds like a really stupid question lol, Iím not an expert on this aha!

    Let me know if you have any recommendations everyone. I understand if itís a tricky one. If there is not anything that exactly matches everything that I would like, please let me know of options & alternatives.

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    Default DDJ series


    Welcome back to the wonderful world of Mixing. I would suggest the pioneer DDJ series - I own the DDJs 400 which I love to use on the go straight plug and play into my laptop using deejay pro which links to music streaming services;


    My main setup is the xdj1000 using traktor pro 3. But when I wana play around and host small parties I always whip out the DDJs.

    The good thing with these you can start off with basic skills that will then be still applicable when using cdjs2000s which are industry standard.

    They also come with a free rekordbox license which is useful if you choose to migrate to a bigger setup.

    I will also say have a look around as the ddj200 are a cheaper model.

    Shop around and keep an eye out for deals also check out Serato they have some cool controllers and also have Tidal streaming which is cool.

    Budget is key but for £200 you will get some decent kit

    Best of luck to you.

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