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    Another quick question about this mixer as I've never had a Pioneer before.

    The Filter and FX section, when I press the button to activate these should I be hearing the sound change as soon as I press the buttons?
    For instance, the filter knob is at the 12 o'clock position, I press the button to activate it and I instantly hear the change, shouldn't the 12 o'clock position be at zero?

    Also the same for the FX, i turn the knob right down to 'dry' and as soon as I activate an FX I hear the difference.

    As the volume pot bleeds (still hearing the music even when it's turned right down) I'm going to replace it, could the knobs for the filter and FX be the same? Shall I just buy those pots too?


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    That might be a design flaw but i have never used a djm700 (only 600 or higher versions) so I do not know, I hope others will respond.
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