This episode includes tracks from Roger Shah & Genie O'Malley, Steve Allen & Cari, Hazem Beltagui & Sue McLaren, Rene Ablaze, Ana Criado & Aurosonic, Fisical Project & Frank Dueffel, Se.Ra.Phic, Steve Dekay, Nicholson & Pierre Pienaar and many more. Enjoy!!

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Belokrinitsky - The Passing Of Time (Original Mix)
KBK & Grande Piano - Mystery Of Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Fisical Project & Frank Dueffel - On The Rocks (Extended Mix)
Kate Louise Smith & Trance Classics - Away From Her (Extended Mashup)
Steve Dekay - Sublime (Extended Mix)
EMJ - Tomorrow Life (Gayax Remix)
Ana Criado & Aurosonic - The Force of The Blow (UCast Remix)
Adam Taylor - Holding Light (Extended Mix)
Blashear - Castle Guard (Original Mix)
Sanani - Rhea (Original Mix)
Arctic Ocean - Sea Of Lights (Original Mix)
Rene Ablaze - Ultimate (Extended Mix)
Roger Shah & Genie O'Malley - Touch The Feelz (Extended Uplifting Mix)
Se.Ra.Phic - Nothing Above (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen & Cari - How I Miss You (Extended Mix)
Nicholson & Pierre Pienaar - Afterglow (Extended Mix)
Hazem Beltagui & Sue McLaren - Learn To Forgive (Farhad Mahdavi Remix)
Sargon - First and Last Love (Original Mix)