Hello Group! I am new to the Twister, as I just got one 2 weeks ago. I love the flexibility and the learning curve is not terribly hard, but I do have a question.

SETUP: Ableton/Resolume Effects Controller

Bottom Row Knob: Red, Green, Blue for Resloume Video Colors and the Far Right is for Ableton Cross Fader.
Bottom Row Buttons: Red, Green, Blue ON/OFF and Far Right is set for Bento-San's Smart Mixer Bass Pop or See-Saw.
Twister Page 2 is Channel 1 or A
Twister Page 3 is Channel 2 or B


Cross Fader Button with Bass Pop or See-Saw while switching pages on the Midi Fighter Twister.


Channel 1 or A is about finish and ready to be mixed out. I Start Channel 2 or B and start brining it in the mix. When I bring channel 2 of B to the point I want to Bass Pop or See-Saw, I would like to see the Twister switch pages at the same time to page 3. When I am on Page 3 and I Bass Pop or See-Saw I would like to see the Twister to got to Page 2.

Can this be done and if So, how would I go about doing so.

Thank You.