Hello. I'm Bogdan and i'm new here. I'll try to relate my problem step by step and i hope that you understand it, and hopeful fix somehow.
First of all, the "deck" button from the pl1 will change the midi channel for the entire controller. (is deck on 1, all the controlls should be on midi ch1, deck on 2, ch2 and so on). Thats how you can change decks easely, on all four layers. I can show and verify this with midi-ox or any midi reader.

I bought 3 PL1s, one of them behave like i said, and 2 of them wont change the midi channel for the encoders and their clicks. If i select deck 3 for example, the hotcuers, jog, pitch, and everything else is on midi ch3, except the knobs. They remain on ch1. I downloaded that lil behringer software but is useless. (select hh=0 for ch 1-4, where the "deck" button cycles from ch1 to 4)

Is there a way where i can download the midi information from my good controller, and rewrite the other two? I used to do that with my old BCR and BCF controllers. They have a user interfece and i can edit every single midi signal, channels etc. I tryed more midi softwares but i couldnt see a "download" "upload" button.

Or, is there a way to reset that controller memory to factory settings?. I know that midi keyboards can be editable without a soft. Can this too?. Overall is not a serious problem, but if it works as supposed will be more easy on mapping, since i don't need any modifiers.