How to set beatgrid when tempo is not consistent?
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    Question How to set beatgrid when tempo is not consistent?

    Hi everyone,

    Normally the tempo in Drum & Bass songs is consistent throughout the song, even during breakdowns. However, I've got a couple of tunes in my collection in which the tempo is not consistent throughout the song. They start at about 174bpm, then comes the breakdown during which the song slows down a lot, then it builds up again to a drop at 174bpm.

    In may of these songs, the beatgrid is fine, it obviously is messed up during these slow breakdowns but the producers made the song so that the drop after the breakdown fits in the overall beatgrid. However, in some of them, the drop after the break doesn't fit in the overall beatgrid. The beatgrid doesn't pick up where it left before the breakdown, so to speak (if you get what I mean). Below are some examples (YouTube).

    What can I do to get the beatgrid right before and after the break in these songs? Is there a way to set two separate beatgrids in one song?

    Looking forward to your input, many thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried Rekordbox' dynamic analysis?

    If Rekordbox can't figure it out, jump to the point where the BPM changes, open the Grid pane and click this second button:

    Then manually change the BPM to what it should be at that point.

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