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    Hi All

    I wanted to ask is it possible in Ableton Live,
    To control your automation lines and breakpoints using a control surface.
    I am using an Vestax VCM600
    So i have mapped my Low Freq Rotary knob to EQ Three audio effects Low freq.
    So i turn the knob on the control surface and i can see the knob turns on the screen.
    If i am editing a track or making a mix, instead of using my mouse and clicking and
    moving lines, can you do it with the turn of the knob?
    In the picture i have started drawing an automated line with a breakpoint but when i
    try continuing using the the Low freq knob it greys out the line.
    Is this possible or do i just need to adjust some more settings?

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    On your first screenshot there's an arrow button at the top lit orange. That turns on whenever you have something automated and you manually adjust it (eg: turning the knob). Hitting that button will re-enable pre-made automations. You can hit the arrangement record button to capture your knob movements rather than having to draw them by hand.

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    thank you for your response
    I appreciate your help
    I must be a big twit
    I read the exact same thing on Ableton 10 Live Power
    before posting my question,
    So it must be something i am doing wrong or my setup ?
    When i drag a track into Ableton do i drag it into MIDI or Audio ?
    Everytime i try i keep getting the same result
    the automated line breaks and i get that orange arrow button
    Now there is a few record buttons do all 3 need to be on ?
    I have tried and tried again without success
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