I have two old MIDI Fighter boards (#361/500 and #1401 in case anyone is tracking them), and some of you may have read my various misadventures with 361.

It's time to get back to work with these bad boys and do a little upgrading, MIDI Fighter Pro style. I'm hoping I can get some input from you folks to help me do it right. I know the basics of how to wire in the digital buttons and analog potentiometers, but I want to make this one "pop" a little.

1) I'm looking to use the 4 digital buttons in bank select mode, and I'd like to have them work like the bank buttons on the MIDI Fighter 3D - meaning that I'd like them to transmit signal when pushed (obviously) but I'd like them to be lighted, and for the most recently-pressed button to remain lit. I'm hoping that someone knows a relatively straight-forward circuit design for doing this. Don't come at me with how I can rig up an ArturitoBoysenberryPI whatever deal - I know ways to do it with something like that, but I don't have that kind of room (or available power) in my project box.

2) I'm going to add two slide pots ("faders") and two rotary pots ("twist knobs") for the analog connections. I've got the faders covered, so that's all good. The rotaries, though... In the past, I've utilized the good old Bourns PDB241-S420K-103B0 for twist pots, but I'm not happy with those and want something else for two reasons:
a) the stem on that pot seems a little thick for the Chroma Cap Super Knobs that I want to use (hey, I've got two and they're good to go!) and
b) that pot is really stiff. Now a stiff pot is a good thing in terms of no accidentally knocking it around, but I find these to be just a little too stiff to be able to properly engage FX at higher tempos and such. So, do you have recommendations on a good potentiometer that fits the Super Knob and has a bit of looseness to it?
Thanks for the input, folks! I hope you're all doing really well and managing in these interesting times!