Midi Fighter 64 Ableton Live 10 Control Surface Script
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    Default Midi Fighter 64 Ableton Live 10 Control Surface Script


    A good few years ago, there were a few posts from padi_04 mentioning that there was a control surface script in the works for the MF64. That eventually led me to the github page above, which has the script.

    After installing it in Live 10, I cannot for the life of me get it to operate correctly.

    My MF64 is set to channel 3, so the second bank is channel 2. As far as I can tell from the code, this is the channel it's meant to operate on. However, it just seems to act as if it was in the mode mode, just with a channel 2 output.
    I've correctly set it up in live, enabling input, output, and mapping. The surface script also has the MF64's input and output correctly set, I know that's all as it should be.

    Has anyone else had any success using this on Live 10, or is it not compatible anymore?
    If it's definitely broken and I'm not just doing something wrong, are there any plans to fix it so that it works again in Live 10?

    I'd really appreciate some help with this, as I'd really like to be able to use the MF64 with session mode if possible. It would finally allow me to get rid of my Launchpad entirely, lol.


    (Also as another little note, the MF Utility software doesn't work properly and keeps detection looping if the MIDI interface of my Focursite Scarlett 6i6 is enabled. I had to disable it in Device Manager to fix that, which is a bit weird.)

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    There was a bug caused by Live's RGB reference changing in a recent update which was preventing the script from fully loading. Updated the repo with the fix so you should be all good now.

    Script was meant to be used with bank change set to hold and it living on bank 2 as you note, leaving the main bank untouched for your regular finger drumming needs.

    Reason why it never hit the official channels is that this was a personal project which I didn't have a chance to fully polish.

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