Good evening Gentleman, Don't know if this has been asked before...

So today i would like some expert advice.

I am attempting too use my DDJ SZ as both a Midi on my laptop and Audio output to my Desktop. Reason for this is simply because my laptop is rather old, and my desktop is a far superior since it's my Gaming PC, and i want to STREAM to Facebook.

I know the DDJ SZ has a built in Sound Card with 2 output for USB B's. I want to use 1 of the Output's from my Midi controller, towards this USB B Splitter ( Then use another 2 USB Cables one towards My Desktop and one towards my Laptop. In turn ill use my laptop as normal, MIDI, and using OBS on my desktop, capture the sound from my DDJ SZ.

Do you guy's think this will work, and what is your experience with something similar?