How to export stems for live performance?
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    Default How to export stems for live performance?

    It occurred to me that in all the years of producing and performing I've never come across this question - how do people mix their stems for live performance when those stems are part of a mastered piece?

    Let's say I wanted to deconstruct tracks from an album so that I could mess with them in a live performance - but the track is designed to be listened to as a mastered mixdown...if I export the stems without the master channel, they won't sound the way the audience is expected to hear them because the audience is used to hearing the songs with the mastering process applied. If I export the stems with the master channel on, they won't sound right either because the mastering process takes into account the mix of all the sounds applied. Also, do I export sidechains from kicks or...????

    Any experience with this?

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    A true stem is part of a set of stems that when combined with the others at unity represent the master so each stem needs any and all processing and automation that is used on it to make the master. Stems for Music can be divided up many different ways. Stems for TV/Film usually consist of a Dialog Stem, FX Stem & Music Stem. Sometimes FX can be spilt out to separate FX and Ambience Stems. For just music stems you'd often have a Percussion Stem, Bass Stem, Pads/Synth Stem, Vox Stem but as the artist, you can choose to break it out however you want.
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